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What Industry Need Bookkeeping

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What Industry Need Bookkeeping

If you run a small business you might be wondering; does my industry need bookkeeping. We look at the various businesses that often require bookkeeping services.

What Industries Need Bookkeeping?

Whether you are a sole trader, small business or a larger company, you can benefit from some variation of accounting or bookkeeping services. 

Many small businesses complete their own bookkeeping in the early stages, as it's easier to manage, but as your business grows, you will require assistance with this. 

The larger your company, the more complex the bookkeeping becomes, and the accounting requirements will increase as the amount of payroll, tax audits, profit reports and cash flow statements increase.

Regardless of their trade, many industries can benefit from an in house bookkeeper. This ranges from schools, government agencies, retail stores, lodging facilities, real estate, healthcare and much more. 

The basics of bookkeeping involve maintaining and recording your accounting records, focusing on expenditures and accounts payable and receivable. The profits and losses will be outlined to you, giving you a clearer picture of your businesses future. 

The bookkeeping profession is challenging to manage, and if you've been trying to do it within your own business, it's time you asked for some assistance. 

There is a high demand for bookkeepers across the board, and many firms can offer their tailored services to you. The data they provide can help with your business knowledge overall.  

What Industry Needs Bookkeeping?

What Does An Accountant Do?

Bookkeepers and accountants aren't the same thing, despite bookkeeping being a large part of accounting. You will come across many accountants who can offer you bookkeeping services, but there are specialist bookkeepers that you can also outsource.

A bookkeeper documents and stores all your financial records, invoices, receipts and provides accurate daily upkeep of all transactions. On the other side, an accountant takes that information and creates business growth forecasts, provides business advice, gauges the business's financial health, and more. 

An accountant will typically tailor their services to your requirements, meaning you only pay for what you need. All financial statements and reports, ranging from cash flow, tax and expenses and asset management, will be completed efficiently by an accountant. 

Where stakeholders are involved in your business, they will need to know updated and relevant financial information, which is where the accounting team come in. Where you will not have the time or experience to deal with stakeholders consistently, hiring a full time accountant or bookkeeper can ensure that the relevant authorities receive the information. 

Most importantly to you, however, an accountant will help you save time. Using the most modern systems and technology, their training and skills can bring even smaller businesses more money and more employees. 

What Does An Accountant Do?

How Do Bookkeeping Needs Vary By Industry?

You will experience more than one bookkeeper or accountant within larger companies and international industries. 

A whole team will be dedicated to ensuring that all financial information and transactions between customers and suppliers are completed on time and legally. 

You don't want a customer not to receive their invoice or not pay their money on time, or perhaps you don't receive your supplies from your supplier because you didn't make the payment. 

When running a larger company, these things need to become routine, and an accounting team will enforce that. 

Despite the size of the company and accounting clerks hired, the financial reports are the same and give the business owner financial aid. 

How Do Bookkeeping Needs Vary By Industry?

Types of Companies That Employ Bookkeepers

As we have hopefully established by now, all types of companies can benefit from a bookkeeper. 

Whether you decide to hire an in house bookkeeper or contract a third-party service, you have many options available to you while achieving the same goal. 

Here are some of the main types of companies that hire bookkeeping services and benefit from them:

All colleges and universities that offer scholarships, have student accounts, and trade financially will have a bookkeeper or accountant involved with those transactions. The accounting team will approve, document, and administer the funding and disbursing of internal scholarships, research grants, and record keeping. 

Whether it's state, county, or city, every form of a governmental agency will hire bookkeepers and bookkeeping services to maintain an accurate representation of financial information. These are large organisations that require a lot of management with bills, calculating taxes, posting payments and more. 

All healthcare institutes ranging from dentists to hospitals and doctor's offices rely very heavily on bookkeepers as they deal with a wide range of people every day. Insurance verification, posting payments, financial reporting and private insurance billing are all services that a healthcare-focused bookkeeper will provide, as they need a dedicated team for that. 

Sometimes this can come from an in house bookkeeper, but a lot of the time, healthcare providers will hire a third party bookkeeping team to complete employee payroll and invoice paying. 

Every day, hotels, hostels and motels service families and groups of people, so an efficient bookkeeping team to compile and document daily financial transactions is essential. Daily revenue reporting, payroll, profit and loss reports, and cash flow are among the most critical services that a lodging bookkeeper can provide.

Most commonly, retail stores require the use of a bookkeeper. Since they are working with both suppliers and customers on a daily basis, breaking these tasks up among bookkeepers can make business flow a lot easier.

As a retail business owner, you will find that your financial transactions will get on top of you if you're not recording them every day and cross-checking with bank statements, especially in larger companies. 

If you are a smaller retail business, your bookkeeper can also advise on promoting job openings and job advertisements if they see a financial benefit to be gained for your company. Sole traders can also be aided by bookkeeping and accounting services.

Types of Companies That Employ Bookkeepers

In all of these cases, bookkeeping teams will use the best accounting software to ensure that your business grows as expected and your financial information is in check with HMRC. 

If you require further assistance or believe that your small business can benefit from bookkeeping services, please reach out to our professional team, and we can advise you further.