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About the Institute of Certified Book Keepers

Bookkeeping in Kinross and Perthshire.

JA Book-keeping Services are pound member of the Institute of Certified Book Keepers, we believe this ensures our clients that we are a trusted member of an organisation that is designed to ensure all of its member are doing their job perfectly and delivering the best possible service to their clients. We work hard to ensure that we do this for each and every client that we have. The Institute of Certified Book Keepers does a lot more than ensures it members are delivering the best service they can.

Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. Practice Licence Number 2530

The Institute of Certified Book Keepers is the largest bookkeeping institute in the world, it promotes and maintains the high standards of bookkeeping as a profession, and it does this by ensuring that all of its members have the relevant qualifications, work experience and competence to deliver bookkeeping services to their clients.

As well as this service but perhaps in conjunction with it they provide all of the members with on-going support to make sure we are all up to date with the latest legislations and that we are also providing the best placed service to our clients to ensure we are all providing a trusted and exemplary service.

Bookkeeping and Accountantcy in Perthshire

As well as all of this the Institute of Certified Book Keepers also have objectives including; promoting bookkeeping as a profession, promoting education and learning, they want to increase recognition for bookkeeping as an integral part of the financial profession and to enable the achievement of a recognised bookkeeping qualification.

They also provide career prospects to all of their members but properly the most important objective that they have is to provide a benchmark for the profession and they help all of their member to achieve this benchmark and that is why we are so proud to be members of the Institute of Certified Book Keepers as it allows us to provide a service to our clients which is truly unsurpassed in the Perth and Perthshire areas.